Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tool #2: Building Community in the Online Environment

I love being online and looking for resources to use...whether it be fashion, crafts or education.  This summer I was finishing up Masters classes, and was in need of math game ideas.  I found myself Google searching "math games for first grade," and nothing but blogs were coming up.  Oh boy, did I hit the jackpot!  I found so many fresh ideas and resources.  As I looked around on one blog, I was directed to other educator blogs.  There is so much out there for teachers. I love that teachers have each others backs.  WE are great resources for each other!

As I was commenting on fellow teachers blogs, I found many things I can use in my own classroom.  Building a community in the online environment is only going to make education stronger. Having those resources at our fingertips and sharing our great ideas with one another is how we all become better teachers.  I can't wait until my blog is one of those blogs that an educator across the country is obsessed with!


  1. You are on your way to establishing your blog as one other educators will visit! It is amazing how many ideas you can get and information you can learn once you start searching! Now that you have found several blogs to follow, you may want to set up a Google Reader to help you easily keep up with all the postings. You can also set up a Diigo or Delicious account to keep up with your favorite web resources! By the way, love your Voki too!

  2. I too have benefited from my PLN! I learn something new everyday and try to either send it on to a teacher or use it myself! There are so many amazing teachers out there. I'm so excited that you want to join in and share what is going on in your classroom!