Monday, December 26, 2011

Tool #3: Finding Online Videos and Imaging Resources

I absolutely love showing my first graders videos and clips from the internet.  They LOVE watching and singing along with whatever it is that we are learning about.  We do lots of Brainpop videos as well as United Streaming.  I really think that allowing the children to watch/sing along with videos is going to be the most beneficial for them, since they are 21st century learners.
I found this great coins video/song on to share with my first graders when it comes time to learn about coins and coin value.  They will for sure LOVE it! 


I also found this video that teaches vowels.  My kiddos sang it weeks after we watched it.  "Vowel Bat" is awesome and they will be begging you to watch it everyday, I promise!

Harry Kindergarten has AMAZING videos and songs. This video is going to be great when it is time to teach time.  I may choreograph dance moves to make it even more exciting!

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  1. Hi Molly! I love Harry too! I plan science for my team and we've had so much fun (first grade) with Bill Nye The Science Guy's songs! Many of the songs are hysterical.......especially his rendition of the Jackson Five's song "ABC". It's for Simple Machines.
    Thanks for your great ideas......I'm just beginning and ONLY on Tool 2!