Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tool #8: Taking a Look at the Tools

Back in August, I learned I was going to get a huge technology upgrade in my classroom.  I was excited and overwhelmed to know that my classroom was receiving 5 Dell Mini computers and 5 iTouches.  I was nervous about teaching first graders how to use them.  Technology does not scare me.  I catch on pretty easy, but how were these 6 year olds going to take it? I come to find out that six year olds are NATURALS when it comes to technology! 

Once I finally had the time to get apps for iTouces, they became a hot commodity in room 109. I love having the iTouches in Literacy Stations and math stations.  I have been asking parents for iTunes gift cards so that I can purchase better apps.  The trial apps are very limited and there are silly ads that pop up.  The kids never need my help with it, because they are use to having one at home or playing with their parent's iPhones.  They know how to get into the docking station and plug them in!  The only problem I have had is the silly ear phones.  They get sooo tangled, but I'm happy to be the master un-tangler any day!

The Dell minis are okay.  I'm not in love with them because they take so long to boot up.  They have a different log-in which is so hard to show the kids how to do.  Some of them have caught on, but some are too frustrated to deal with the mini Dell.  I am going to make a bigger effort to get these up and running in the spring.

Overall, I am obsessed with all of my new technology.  It is helping these 21st century learners learn how they were born to learn!

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